Hans de Jonge, Inventive Physicist

Development of sensor- & measurement systems, data processing

Personality: Inquisitive, inventive, result driven and helpfull achiever

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hans-de-jonge/
Residence: Utrecht(NL)
As an experimental physicist I like to use my perseverance to master complex measurement systems. I strive to obtain and represent observations to verify existing models or result in improved & corrected models. Having well developed instruments skills and patience to deploy high precision instruments at (and beyond) the limits of their abilities, I also like to utilise my experience to develop routines and algorithms that expand the usage of these systems. I like to discover what the models of systems are, and how key parameters can be defined in a meaningful, valuable way accordingly. In recent years, I mastered Python and its Scipy: I experienced its power as an exciting culmination of good coding practices that I mastered when creating data processing & visualisation chains in several languages, earlier in my career.
2011-2017 Product Development Engineer
Sonion Nederland B.V. Hoofddorp (NL)
Development, deployment and trouble shooting in measurement systems of varying complexity: Laser Vibrometer scanner, acoustic setups, microphones, force sensors, displacment sensor
Advise and support with acquisition and deployment of new measurement modalities. Design & implementation of data-processing algorithms. Subsequent support & maintenance.
Identification of key parameters and development of methods for standard characterisation & benchmarking.
2007-2009 Developer Flat Digital X-ray imaging detectors
Philips Medical Systems, Best(NL)
Evaluation and monitoring the image quality of flat X-ray imaging detectors for medical imaging systems. Specification and realization of test environments to simulate utilisation of prototypes in the product environment. Hence I realized the possibility to asses the impact of innovations and asses the impact of foreseen and unforeseen risks.
I intensely liked the opportunity to draw on my inventivity and ability to get interconnection details right and the gradual growing comprehension of an increasing number of system details. One of my major assets was my ability to organise and keep the unique experimental data together: this provided additional possibilities to simulate other non-project related issues and also simulate solutions in a more cost effective way. This all helped me to `exceed specifically strong in solving very tough problems'.
2006-2007 System Developer
LogicaCMG, Arnhem(NL)
Industrial Automation; Programming of firmware for embedded (arm) payment systems, configuration of embedded Linux multimedia PC-systems
Various software courses
in software testing, elementals of and best practices
Most of the coding preferences I already adopted during my experimental work, proved to coincide closely to the practices revealed to me during this time. Besides that I also learnt that my attitude is too generalist: I like working on software solutions to capture reality in this kind of `modelling framework' but I also feel a strong desire to be able to use hardware solutions which can be simple and more effective in some situations.
2001-2005 Research Fellow Experimental Physics
High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML), Radboud University Nijmegen(NL)
Researching electronic properties of nanoscopic semiconductor and metal structures in high magnetic fields (up to 33 Tesla). This required picking up a great deal of meticulous experimenting skills with sensitive mechanical and cryogenic instruments and interference sensitive electronic measurement devices (e.g.Lock in amplifiers, nanovolt meters, etc.)
Development of a theoretical, electronic transport model to match the measurement outcomes to microscopic phenomena which govern the macroscopic transport properties in order to gain insight in the material quality achieved by the used deposition processes.
performed tuition and public information Supervision over seminars for MSc. students. Guided tours for regular citizens after the inauguration of the new laboratory. setting up and acquiring elements of a `Magneto-demo-show'
2002-present Nijmeegen Student Choir Alphons Diepenbrock: Board 2003-2004 (treasures), accountin- and propaganda committee WWW-maintenance.
2001-2005 HFML Research group: Group outing 2002, cocktail parties, fitting up of joint experimenting site (`Labgarden')
1994-2001 Study association A-Eskwadraat: Many organizing commitees: Parent information days, Bi-weekly cocktail parties, Multidisciplinary symposium, International exchanges, collecting and republishing old tentaminations, cooking teams, Mentor and Mentor-trainer during the faculty introduction.
2011-2016 Sonion:
  • Lean Development: Rapid Learning Cycles, LAMDA
  • Design of Experiments
2007-2009 Philips Medical Systems:
  • Reliability Electronics
  • Electro Static Discharge safety (ESD)
  • Radiatoin hygene for radiological employees
  • Working safely with electronic equipmens
2006-2007 LogicaCMG:
  • ISTQB certification: Foundation level software testing.
  • Safest C: elementals of, and best practices in low level C-programming, platform awareness
2001-2005 Radboud University Nijmegen(NL) & Foundation FOM:
  • SemiMag Conferences Oxford & Tallahassee. Contributions: posters and articles.
  • "Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics" 34th Spring School Forschungszentrums Jülich (D).
  • Academic writing in english.
  • Effective presentations in english.
  • Goal oriented planningi and working.
  • Effective influencing
1993-2000 Master (and Bachelor) Experimental Physics
Faculty of Physics and astrophysics, Universiteit of Utrecht(NL)
Master Thesis:
Design and simulation of particle trajectories in a Magneto Optical compressor. Numerical simulations in atomic physics by creation my own (C & C++ simulation programs. The results were aimed at improving the quality of lasercooling experiments.
Extra researchproject: Using microwaveguides to quantify the complex permittivity of a liquid and solid state mixture as used in organic (Grätzel-) photovoltaic cells. Courses: Solid state-, atomic-, semi-conductor- & bio physics, physical informatics and signal processing.
Extra curricular: Basic instrument making, Effective conferencing, the many additional organizing experiences in study association A-Eskwadraat.
Participation in studytours to: Scandinavia & Finland (1995), India (1997), and Ireland (1998).
1986-1993 Highschool (HAVO & VWO)

Menso Alting College (Hoogeveen, North-NL)
Majors: Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Economy-1, English, and Language.
Honours: 1992 & 1993: Paricipant 2nd round National Dutch Biology Olympiad in the last two years of High-school (best 20 high-school students of the first national round).
Medical Imaging Image processing and analysis Operating electronic image-sensors & subsystems; acquire, determine and improve the image quality with digital technology in image processing chains.
Data Processing Numerical data processing and analysis using C, script code (PERL, TCL, etc.) or other tooling; depending on availability, compatibility and performance requirements I am very able to find my way (and usually also additional, innovative new ones)
Automation Machine and system control: Creation and editing of C-code for ( e.g.) National Instruments (NI) LabWindows/CVI PC-measurement software: collection of instrument data and actuator control via General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB, IEEE-488). Additional experience with C-coded embedded system firmware.
Operating Systems Computer system management: Excellent knowledge and experience with Linux system control (from 1998, as of kernel version 2.0.35): Debian, (K)ubuntu, RedHat, some SUSE. Well developed, general troubleshooting and configuration skills on all PC-platforms (also MS-DOS from 5.0 to Windows XP)
Software tools Extensive experience in selecting and finding out how to use open source software to get things done at low cost and high quality(Vim, PERL, LaTeX, KDE-desktop environment). Additional experience with National instruments laboratory software development kits: LabWindows/CVI and LabView.
Experimental capabilities General: Skilful in exploring the operation of State-of-art and prototype instrumentation. For example: characterisation of micro electronic devices at liquid Helium temperatures with super-conductive magnets with nano-ampére currents and micro voltage potentials: both AC and DC
General: strong intuition, caution and patience to achieve results at the limits of what is possible.
RF Radio Frequency: Measure, determine and simulate radio frequency impedance of materials and devices in microwave guides (Scatter and Admittance parameters)
Electronics: Minding ESD-safety when handling sensitive parts, soldering, modifying and utilising test circuits.
Materials science Knowledge of physical (principally electronical) properties of micro- and nanoscopic semiconductor- and metal devices.
Cryogenics Measurements with liquid Helium cryostats, Oxford instruments super-conductive magnets, down to 350 μKelvin with He-3).
Dutch: Writing: excellent, verbal: fluent.
English Writing: excellent, verbal: fluent.
German Writing & Speaking: sufficient. Listening: excellent; especially high & north-German.
French Rudimentary, but willing to learn.
Music classical: stronger feeling for music than lyrics, I enjoy my participation as a bartone in a classical choir.
popular: Cabaresk, fanfarepunk: I especially like it when music and lyrics closley support eachother.
General interest Science, technology, and history Why and how do things occur as they do, what traces of the past are still present? How do past occurences influence the way that we and they do the things we do?
Nourishment I like to cook tastefull and healthy (asian or mediteranian) and closely evaluate the tasts of other fine consumables of life.
Sports Running, power skating, and skating
Tinkering: Solving technical and computer problems of friends (preferrably Linux and PC-architecture) and explore new features.
Magnetic field enhanced backscattering of focused electrons in mesoscopic metallic bridges , J. de Jonge, U. Zeitler, J. C. Maan, G. M. Mikhailov, L. I. Aparshina, A. V. Chernykh, I. V. Malikov and V. Y. Vinnichenko, Int. J. of Modern Physics B , 18 (2004), 3613-3616
Destruction of correlated bilayer states subjected to tilted magnetic fields , U. Zeitler, J. de Jonge, J. W. W. van Tilburg, J. C. Maan, D. Reuter and A. D. Wieck, Int. J. of Modern Physics B, 18 (2004), 3693-3698.
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